Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Painted Heart Canvas

Valentines Canvas
I found this cute Valentines Craft idea on the Hobbycraft website. I thought this would be nice to give as a valentines card. I think most girls would also love a picture like this one for their bedroom and they can make it for themselves in an afternoon

What You Need:
Box canvas
Heart craft punch
Acrylic paint
Coloured and textured 12" x 12" papers
Tacky glue

This Project
Allow: 1 Hour plus drying time
Skill Level: Intermediate

Paint the canvas including the sides with the acrylic paint and leave to dry.

Meanwhile cut plenty of heart shapes from the coloured papers. Use your thumbnail to crease each heart down the centre for a 3D effect.

Using a pencil and a small plate, lightly draw a circle guide on the canvas.

Start to attach the hearts by placing a dot of glue on the centre of each heart that you creased in step 2 and continue until the circle is filled.

Once completely dry your canvas is ready to hang or to give.