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Traditional Recipes From Wales

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5 Interesting and Simple DIY Craft Activities at Home with Your Toddler

By Jas Ng

Recently my friends keep asking me on how to find simple activities for children at home, and not every weekend just do window shopping. Here I share my seven interesting and simple D.I.Y craft activities at home with your toddler. Hope you will enjoy to do this activities with your child at home!

Craft #1 Egg Painting.

Material you need is egg shell. Keep egg shells during your cooking, this can be done by removing all the egg white and egg yoke without breaking the whole egg, but just a small hole on top of the egg. Keep as many egg shell as you can to allow your children enjoy with different egg painting experience. You can use any coloring medium such as acrylic, watercolor, poster color, color pencil, crayon, as long as your children comfortable with it!

Craft #2 Origami.

Origami is another fun craft that you should do with your children at home. Do a search in internet, simply type origami diagram in the search engine, you can find thousand of web site of free diagram with clear instruction to follow. Origami is the best craft for your children to learn about basic mathematic such as shapes, angel, numbers and sequence.

Craft #3 Paper Mosaic Art.

Mosaic art is another interesting craft activity that I always do with my children. What you need is two to three pieces of colorful construction paper, drawing block, PVA glue, color pencil or watercolor.

Craft #4 Self Portrait.

Every children love self portraits. What you need is drawing block in A4 size, pencil for your child to scribble their self portraits and some stickers as embellishment. Once it is done, ask your child to sign on it!

Craft #5 Family scrapbooking.

Scrapbooking is another interesting craft that you should do with your child. The most easy theme is family trip scrapbooking. This is done by collecting all the photos during the trip, glue them in proper order followed the itinerary on the A4 colorful construction paper, then just add a few words to describe the happening in the trip. Lastly, paste some interesting embellishment to make the scrapbooking design look great!

Hope your children enjoy all the above activities!

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How to Make a Denim Pouch Pocket for Those Webkinz

By Diane Palmer

Do you have a bunch of those webkinz that you would like to display?.. Rather than have them all piled up on a shelf or on the bed, or stuffed away in boxes, for the day they become more valuable, why not display them on your wall?

All you need, are an old pair of adult size denim jeans. (ones with fairly big back pockets), a good pair of scissors, and some imagination for decorating.

Make sure the jeans are clean and then cut out around the back pockets, cutting through all layers of the seat of the jeans.

You should have formed a pocket where you can place your webkinz or special stuffie. Now, go back to your jeans, and cut out the inner seam of the jeans, to whatever length you would like, as this is for your hanger. I cut 18 inches, but you can do shorter or longer, if you have enough jean seam.

Sew the edges of the seam to each side of your pocket and then decorate your pocket with a painting, beads, appliqu├ęs, quilting, a denim fringe, use your imagination. This is a great craft for teens or older children. Then hang them on the wall with a colorful pushpin or hook, and then place your webkinz in the pocket. click here to see my pouch pocket. Also check out the latest in webkinz at and get creating homes for them on your wall. Article and website by Diane Palmer