Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Making a Textured Pendant

For this project you will need the following:
1.5mm Spacer
Acrylic Roller
Suitable Work Surface
Non stick Baking Paper
Mini Cookie Cutter or Craft Knife for cutting out a shape
Texture Mats or similar
Stainless Steel Mesh for firing on a Gas Hob or a Ceramic Firing Brick for use with a Gas Torch
Stainless Steel Brush
Stainless Steel Burnisher
Art Clay 650 Silver Paste ? small amount
Sanding Pads or Needle Files
Necklace, Ribbon or Leather Thong
Small bowl with some water and a paintbrush
Art Clay 650 7g Slow Dry

1. Using the spacers as a guide, roll out your clay to an even thickness between 2 sheets of baking paper. Use the paintbrush and water to help keep the clay moisturised whilst working with it and to smooth out any cracks that may appear.

2. Apply a texture from your texture mats or anything else that you may be using.

3. Cut out your desired shape using the mini cookie cutters or a craft knife. For the design above, I used mini heart cookie cutters, to cut out a smaller heart shape from the larger one. I then used a little paste to stick the smaller shape (texture side down) onto the larger heart shape. If you are making a design that is different to the one shown in the pattern, remember to make a hole for a jumpring.

4. Dry your piece using the oven, warming tray, hairdryer or heat gun. To find appropriate drying times please look at Drying Schedule for Art Clay resources page
5. Once dry, use your sanding pads or needle files and smooth out any sharp edges and corners. Now is also the time to carve in any patterns or designs you would like.
6. Your piece can now be fired using your preferred method. For a firing schedule please look at Firing Schedule for Art Clay resources page
7. After your piece has been fired and cooled, brush with a Stainless Steel Brush to bring out the beautiful Silver colour.
8. You can now use your Burnisher to create a mirror finish to your pendant. Add a necklace, ribbon or leather thong to complete your unique creation.
9. Enjoy!! All that you need to create a unique Textured Pendant is available in The Webshop
For more information on using, drying and firing Art Clay please take a look at the Resources Page