Tuesday, 21 December 2010

How to Make a Coat Hanger Christmas Tree

How to Make a Coat Hanger Christmas TreeBy A. Labedzki

Some of the most fascinating crafts can often be technically 'best out of waste' and a coat hanger Christmas tree is just one of them. This small tree can be your ideal Christmas decoration without giving a hint of what it is made of. It is a rather simple design, where only the construction of the frame requires some trick and the rest follows. Therefore, once the frame is done, small kids under adult supervision or grown up kids can complete the remaining portion. This style of tree also allows a lot of room for experimentation in terms of colors and decoration.

Go through the following instructions to erect your Christmas tree:

• Material Requirements:
- Coat hangers, preferably with rotational hooks:
- Three in number, if made of metal
- Six in number, if made of plastic
- Twist ties, craft wire, electrical tape, or strings
- Glue
- A pair of scissors
- Garlands in sparkling green color or as per choice
- Electrical lights
- Ornaments, stars, cones, ribbons, etc.
- Toys or other decorations

• Construction: The frame intended here will look like a tripod stand. Remember, a hanger resembles a triangle with two equal sides and the hook is located at the angle formed by these sides.
- Step 1. If you have taken plastic hangers, make three pairs. Superimpose two hangers and tie or tape them to add strength. If you have metal hangers, skip this step.
- Step 2. Position a hanger, or a pair, in such a way, that one of the equal sides is towards the floor and the other one vertical.
- Step 3. Hold two of them similarly, joining firmly their vertical sides together at a small angle. Recall what any two sides of a tripod appear like. The alignment of the hooks will take care of itself. Rotational hooks are helpful in case any adjustment is needed here.
- Step 4. Join the third hanger towards the 'larger' angle formed by the two hangers in Step 3. For better balancing, all the three 'legs' should have equal angles between them.
- Step 5. Place the structure upright.
- Step 6. Stick one end of the garland of your choice to the top of the frame.
- Step 7. Wrap it around and continue until the lowest point.

• Decoration:
- Step 1. Use standalone or string of Christmas lights around the tree in linear or hanging fashion.
- Step 2. Adorn your tree with twisted ribbon, ornaments, cones, candies, and other decorative items.

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