Sunday, 9 May 2010

Medieval Snood - Hat Pattern

Medieval Snood Pattern
Follow the step by step instructions of how to make a Medieval Snood a hat for ladies that hid their hair and also kept their heads warm.

To make a medieval snood you will need...
Fabric (fabric with a nap is great and if it has a bit of stretch this is also beneficial)
Braiding or other decorations.

First you need to made yourself a pattern. You need to draw a 'D' shape. The height should be 12 inches or 31cm (this is the head opening). The length should be 15 inches or 38.5cm. Draw a curve at the end that perturbed about 4.5 inches or 12cm.

From just before where the curve starts on the top edge to the centre of the curve, mark with dashes to indicate that this part needs gathering.

Two of this pattern need cutting from the fabric, making sure that the nap runs in the same direction.

The head band is a rectangle sized 12 inches or 31cm by 5.5 inches or 14.5cm. The smaller edge should be placed on the fold of fabric so that you end up with a piece that is double the length.

When you have cut out the fabric, sew the two 'D' shapes together with right sides together. Sew along the long edges and around the curve, leaving the head opening un-sewn.

Stitch a row of running stitches from just before the curve to the centre back of curve and draw up and Finnish off firmly to hold. (this is the top edge of the main part)

Turn right sides out.

How to make a Medieval Snood
Take the head band and open out the fabric. If you are using braiding or Piping, you need to sew this in place now. With right sides together, sew the piping to one of the long edges (the top) of the head band. Omit this part if you are not adding braid.

Next pin the head band top onto the head opening of the main snood.

The centre of the headband should be on the centre of the forehead, and the top edge of the snood with the gathered seam should be placed on the centre of the headband. Right sides should be together and raw edges should be level. Sew the two head band ends together and fold the seam out flat and pin to the main snood part.

Sew the head band to the snood. Try to keep the stitches as close as possible to the braid for that professional look.

Fold the head band in half so that the right sides are out and the raw edge is in the inside of the hat. Turn in a 2cm hem, and pin above the previous row of stitching. If you are using a fabric with a nap, this might be too think to sew on a machine, so neatly herringbone the headband into place.

Your snood is complete. If you are a wealthy medieval lady you may with to adorn your snood with a few establishments.

A snood is a netlike cap that is worn by women to keep their hair in place. It can also be worn just for adornment, or to add interest to a low bun. Snoods date back to at least the medieval era, although versions might have been worn even prior to then. They were especially popular during the Renaissance, when they might be worn under a cap or hood, covering an intricately braided hairstyle.

This pattern size is to make an adults hat with a head circumference of 24inches.